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Boiler Repairs in Bingham, Nottingham

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boiler repairs Nottingham




Get your home's heating fixed today. Call us now! 01949358713



Is your home freezing cold because of a faulty boiler? Our Gas Safe engineers are fully equipped to deal with all sorts of breakdowns, including, low boiler pressure, a leaking boiler, a boiler not igniting, a boiler making a banging noise, no hot water being produced, central heating not firing up and central heating  water leaks. Call us now for to book your repair and get your home's heating back on today!


    Local, Fast & Reliable

    Maintenance, Installs & Repairs

    Keep Your Home Warm

Boiler problems? we can help

    Low boiler pressure

    A leaking boiler

    A boiler not igniting

    A boiler making a banging noise

    No hot water being produced

    Controls not working correctly

    Central heating not firing up

    Central heating leaks


Call today for Boiler Repairs in Bingham

Being without heating and hot water is more than just an annoyance, it has a massive impact effect on daily routines! That’s why, our highly skilled Gas Safe engineers can respond quickly in your time of need and get your boiler fixed. We can deal with all manner of boiler issues.


Our highly professional Gas Safe boiler engineers are fully qualified, fully insured and pride themselves on the high quality of their work. They’ll guide you through the work they’re carrying out, discuss any repair options in full and always tidy up after themselves. Furthermore, all parts and labour come with a full guarantee for your complete peace of mind.Private and tenanted properties

Are you a landlord who needs a qualified engineer to repair a broken boiler at your tenanted property? or require a landlords gas safety certificates?Call today on 01949358713


Could your boiler benefit from a power flush?


Does your boiler cut out or make banging noises? Do your hot water taps fluctuate between hot and cold? Do you notice issues such as cold radiators, excessively hot pipes and dirty bleed water? If so, it’s very probable your heating system would benefit from a power flush.


A power flush is a maintenance procedure which removes sludge from your heating system. This mucky build up causes blockages and makes it harder for the water to circulate through your pipes and radiators, meaning your boiler has to stay on longer, work harder and cost you more money. Even if your boiler is fairly new, sludge can really affect its efficiency.


As well as power flushes, our fully qualified engineers can carry out a variety of boiler maintenance processes, such as magna cleaning, scale reducer applications, CO2 and flue gas tests and inhibitor and central heating protection. Call us now to discuss which maintenance procedures your boiler and central heating system could benefit from today

We charge a standard £50 for all boiler diagnostic work. This is for up to one hours labour on the job.

Any parts required and labour for return visits will be agreed with you.

Boiler Repairs in Bingham

Boiler Repairs in Bingham

boiler repair nottingham
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